There are many different types of wood floor finishing to protect your wooden floor

Types of Wood Floor Finishes - Alan Farr Limited

There are many types of wood floor finishes. People will often forget to consider the type of finish they want on their wooden floor until the last minute when they are asked which they want. They then make the decision in a hurry, possibly without proper consideration, not fully knowing what they’re opting in for. While it isn’t disastrous to leave this decision to the last minute, it’s worth knowing the options that are available to you before committing to it. Here we look at a quick rundown of the two most commonly used and popular types of wood floor finishes to help you decide.

Lacquered Finish Wood Floor

Lacquered Finishing is one of the most popular types of wood floor finishes. A lacquer finish is similar to a modern-day varnish. It is applied to a wood floor as a protective layer and also gives it a shine. Lacquer sits on top of the wood without sinking in, which gives it harder wearing surface. A lacquer finish is best suited to a room with high traffic or heavy footfall. It is also a good option for those who want a glossy or high shine wood floor finish.

Lacquered Finish Floor Care

A lacquered finish on your wood floor will become mostly water resistant, making it easy to maintain and care for. While it is never a good idea to get water on any kind of wood floor, a lacquered finish wood floor resists water better than others. A lacquered finish may show scratches more easily than other finishes, however. This could mean needing a potential sand-down and refinish down the line.

Lacquered Finish Durability

A lacquered wood finish is the toughest kind of finish you can get for protecting your floor. Because lacquer sits on top of the wood rather than being absorbed, when it is worn away with wear and age, the bare wood can be left exposed and susceptible to damage. This wear takes some time to become an issue, so the durability is still worthwhile in the long run, however, worn lacquered floors will eventually need redoing.

Lacquered Finish Look

Lacquer can come in various finishes, from high gloss, regular gloss and matt. If you’re not keen on having a glossy finish you may opt for matt, though it is important to note that most matt finishes will also have a bit of a shine. If you plan on choosing a lacquered finish wood floor be aware that it isn’t possible to avoid some level of shine.

Wax Finished Wood Floor

A Wax finish is another one of the equally popular and commonly used types of wood floor finishes. Wax is a popular finishing option for wood flooring, as it both protects and improves the appearance of the wood. A wax finish is more susceptible to damage from water spills than lacquer, however, and can mark more easily. It is recommended to use solvent based waxes for floors, though solvent-based waxes cannot be used over water-based wood stains. Wax is usually available as a paste or liquid, with the liquid being easier to apply with similarly good results. If using a wax finish on bare wood, the surface would need to be sealed to prevent the wax from soaking in too far to the wood and causing damage. Liquid wax is applied, left to dry, buffed, and repeated until the desired finish is achieved. It is then allowed to harden.

Wax Finished Wood Floor Care

The maintenance of wax finished flooring involves buffing regularly, possibly with additional wax if needed. If the wax finished floor is in a high traffic area it may need to be relaxed entirely, though if you anticipate heavy wear and want extra protection, wax can be applied to varnish to make it more durable.

Wax Finished Durability

Wax finishing is quick and easy to apply over any surface area, making it desirable for those who don’t want to limit the use of their home while work is done. It’s also family friendly as it doesn’t let off fumes. A downside to wax flooring is that applying a new coat of wax involves having to buff down the existing layer, which requires more work down the line.

Wax Finished Look

A wax finish has a more subtle look than lacquer and doesn’t have the sheen, making it popular for those that want a natural matt effect. Small scuffs and marks can be easily repaired without having to strip the entire floor down. A wax finish can also give the wood a rich desirable colour that lasts years.

Wood Floor Finishing at Alan Farr

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