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The Benefits of Polishing Wood Flooring - Alan Farr Limited

If you have wood flooring, make sure you protect its lifespan and utilise its natural qualities by having a polishing finish applied. Read the benefits below on how this can help your home.


A major benefit of polishing your wood flooring is that it protects the wood from wear and tear, and increases the longevity of your flooring. Real wooden floorboards can be expensive, so it’s important to protect them from everyday damage, especially in high traffic areas. The polish acts as a barrier, so you aren’t able to physically reach and scuff the wooden floor below.

Stain Resistance

With the right materials, your wood flooring can become virtually stain resistant once treated. Similarly to above, by giving your floor a polished finish, you are creating a protective barrier which prevents the actual wood being reached. Wood is a porous material, but once sealed it can no longer absorb any liquid and is therefore stain resistant. Simply wipe away any spills as soon as they are made to avoid lasting damage.


In taking the above steps toward protecting your wood flooring, you are in turn prolonging its life. By preserving your beautiful wooden floorboards, you can enjoy then for many years to come, without worrying about children or pets turning up along the way!

Beat the Allergies

If you suffer from Asthma or have dust related allergies, polished wooden flooring is a great option for your home in comparison to carpet or wooden flooring with exposed texture and ridges. These little areas can become dust magnets, providing a breeding ground for dust mites; polished floors have no exposed fibres for dust to cling onto and are easy to keep clean, saving you valuable time and money.


Treating wooden flooring can reduce uneven textures such as grooves and scratches, uplift tired areas of your home that have faded due to wear and tear, and can add a more luxurious, grand feel to your floor. What’s more, polishing your wood flooring can help give its surface a reflective quality, which in turn brightens your home and enhances any natural light flowing through the property.

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