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The Benefits of Antique Repair - Alan Farr Limited

The word ‘Antique’ doesn’t just have to apply to priceless objects, such as clocks or statuettes, that you may have seen on the Antiques Roadshow. It also includes furniture – furniture that has history and a story behind it and should keep on living.

Antique repair is what the name suggests – repairing or restoring an old item which may have become worn or even broken over time. Many people just throw away anything old, however, there are techniques you can try at home or there are companies that offer repair services, to bring your pieces back to life. If you are thinking of updating your furniture, read these benefits to reusing before you go and spend your money.


Repairing your old furniture may seem time-consuming, however, listed below are some benefits that may make you a fan of reusing.

1. It’s eco-friendly. According to research, it takes 1000 times more carbon dioxide to create a new piece of furniture than to repair an old one. They also state that out of all the furniture that is thrown away, only 17% gets recycled. So repairing something old can help save the planet!

2. Create a new style. A lot of furniture may be mass produced so repairing an old piece gives you the chance to make something unique to your tastes and show off your creativity.

3. Extend a piece’s life. Repairing can help a piece live longer, giving it the chance to be passed down through generations.

4. Save money. You can save yourself a bit of money by repairing something you already have rather than going to buy it from new, and why wouldn’t you want to save money?

5. Increase the value. Repairing something to its original state can increase its value, so if you do ever want to sell, you’ll be in a position to ask for a higher price.


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