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an image showing a table that could have a woodworm infestation

Furniture Restoration: Identifying Woodworm

Here at Alan Farr Ltd, we understand the sentimental value that furniture can hold, which is why we believe that all furniture is worth taking care of and, when necessary, worth restoring. If you are concerned about a woodworm infestation in some of your items, make sure you know what signs to look out for. In this blog, we have outlined the key symptoms of woodworm that may require furniture restoration services.

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Change of Premises

As from the 2nd June 2014 we now operate out of                        Unit 4a Ash Park, Hyssop Close, Cannock,                   WS11 7XA, Tel: 01543 469946, After 34 years we have left Electric Avenue and have moved into larger premises due to our workload, it was a sad day for all as it is where Alan started in 1980 moving on from A Farr & Sons which his father started 40 years previous so we are now into a 3rd generation of a family business, there are many good memories from when we started to the present day, we would like to thank all our staff, all our clients who over the years have been very supportive and with us moving forward to a new future which is exciting for all involved.

A special thank you  to Janet Avery who has been with us for 27 years and has now retired , we wish her all the best for the future.

Please call or email any queries where we will still be able to help you with your requirements.



We are currently involved with the clean up down in Somerset with restoring peoples furniture, all items we can restore will be in our Cannock depot where they will dry out be repaired and restored then put into storage for when people return to their houses