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guide on how to remove an oil paint stain

How To Remove An Oil Paint Stain From Furniture

If you’ve managed to get oil paint on your furniture you may be thinking there’s no way to remove the stain and that you’ll need to replace your furniture. However, while oil paint is one of the most difficult stains to remove from furniture, it is worth trying to remove yourself if the piece is an antique, is particularly expensive or holds sentimental value. In order to effectively remove oil paint from furniture the stain should be dealt with immediately. Here’s our guide for removing an oil paint stain from your furniture.

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our guide to removing mould from upholstered furniture

Removing Mould From Upholstered Furniture

It can be a big shock to discover you’ve got mould on your upholstered furniture. You keep a clean house and you’re probably wondering how it could be possible to have mould growing inside without you realising. Naturally you’ll want to get rid of it as soon as possible, and whether you can salvage the upholstered furniture or have to invest in something new.

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furniture care and restoration

How To Prevent Damage To Your Furniture

Nowadays, it’s possible that your furniture is amongst the most expensive items you own in your home. Things like wooden cabinets and sofas are pricey, and the cost of replacing furniture can be extreme. As such, it makes sense to take precautions to prevent damage to your furniture to prolong its use. The cost of caring, cleaning, and restoring minor damage is minimal compared to the cost of replacing furniture completely. Here are our tips for preventing damage to your furniture through basic care.

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A picture of a duck egg blue and cream cabinet in a kitchen

Ideas for Upcycling Old Furniture

Are you a little bit of a DIY fanatic? Or are you looking for quirky pieces of furniture to give your home a unique feel without breaking the bank? Whether you’re the former or the latter, upcycling old furniture could be right up your street! You don’t necessarily have to be a pro to take on an upcycling project with some of the old furniture you’ve been handed down or had for years. Below, we’ve shared a few of our favourite (and easy) ideas for upcycling old furniture.

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