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Ideas for Upcycling Old Furniture - Alan Farr Limited

Are you a little bit of a DIY fanatic? Or are you looking for quirky pieces of furniture to give your home a unique feel without breaking the bank? Whether you’re the former or the latter, upcycling old furniture could be right up your street! You don’t necessarily have to be a pro to take on an upcycling project with some of the old furniture you’ve been handed down or had for years. Below, we’ve shared a few of our favourite (and easy) ideas for upcycling old furniture.

A Change of Colour

A picture of wood painted red

One of the quickest, easiest methods of upcycling old furniture is to get out the paint and brushes. Well, maybe not the quickest, but it’s definitely a quicker way to get a completely different look to your furniture. Give your furniture a complete makeover with a full colour change or simply emphasise certain areas such as the frames or knobs. Always ensure that you pick the right type of paint for the material of your furniture.

Add Some Detail

After you’ve given your furniture a colour makeover, add a little bit of detail. When upcycling old furniture, we love the use of stencils to add detail! Use details to add a pattern/design to your furniture or paint a silhouette onto it. For a child’s room, use stencils of children’s characters on their drawers or wardrobe.

New Look, New Use

A picture of a white coffee table made from a wood pallet

Possibly the most simple method of upcycling old furniture is to give it a different use! Have you got an old door that you’re changing? Add some legs to the old one and turn it into a table for a very quirky piece of new furniture. Turn an old coffee table into a bench with cushions and blankets; the perfect reading area.

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