A picture of a blue cabinet that has been refurbished

How to Refurbish Furniture - Alan Farr Limited

Giving a new, fresh look to your home doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank with buying loads of brand new furniture. Refurbishing your furniture is a fantastic way to freshen up your interiors by using what you already have, however not many people know how to refurbish furniture. Below we’ve given our tips on how to refurbish furniture that you already own.

A picture of sandpaper

Sand It Down

Sandpaper will be your best friend when prepping your furniture to refurbish it. Sanding down the furniture will get rid of any marks and will create a more even surface; it will also create a nice rough surface for the primer and paint to stick to easily.

Remove the Dents

If you’ve got any dents or cracks in the furniture, or any chunks that have been taken from the corners or legs, get some wood putty! Wood putty is perfect for filling in the dents, chunks and cracks to make it look like it hasn’t had any wear.

Time to Prime

Priming the furniture before painting will not only help the paint to stick better but will also make the colour of the paint appear much more vibrant on the furniture. Apply around 2 or 3 coats of primer before starting to paint.

A picture of paintbrushes

Add a Bit of Colour

Now it’s time to paint! Choose the colour you want your furniture to be and get painting. Once you’re finished, seal the paint and protect it with some varnish; this will also give it a more glossy finish.

Get the Professionals to Do It

If you’d rather leave the work to a professional that knows how to refurbish furniture perfectly, get in touch with Alan Farr Ltd! Give us a call on 01543 469946 or fill out our online contact form and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.