How Our Spray Finishing Can Help Your Business - Alan Farr Limited

If you have woodwork in your business premises, you definitely need to look at spray finish closely. Spray finishing can be done with paint or lacquer, giving everything from practical fire-proof purposes to a simply stunning and impressive appearance.  We, at Allan Farr Ltd., have listed down few irresistible benefits that spray finishing brings, and how these can help your business.

Sleek Appearance

Spray finishing is a relatively simple and straightforward process, and is more effective than just brushing on a finish yourself. With simple spraying, you will get an even coverage and consistent colour depth, to give your woodwork an elegant appearance. We’re able to offer a choice of polished wax and lacquer to help you get that sophisticated look to suit your property. The quality of the finished appearance is professional and ideal for certain industries, such as retail and hospitality, where outward appearances hold great importance.

Preserving Wood

One of the other benefits of spray finishing is wood preservation; you can use a translucent finish that will not only hide small scratches and marks better, but you also will be able to increase the overall life of the wood, as moisture will not be able to reach and warp it. With spray finishing, your woodwork will last much longer, resulting in cost savings for your business – on top of the visual benefits.


There is no doubt that the risk of fire can be increased if your business is filled with woodwork, and it’s important to put the appropriate preventative measures in place to combat this. Thanks to spray finishing, you can now make sure the woodwork in business premises is fire-safe thanks to our specialist finishing products and processes, ensuring that your business is safe, with small fires not taking a toll on your bottom line.

If you are looking for exceptional wood finish then look no further than us here at Alan Farr Ltd. We have over eight decades of experience in this field, and we provide a guarantee of quality for all our work – whether it’s simply for appearance or for fire-proofing. We offer our services to everyone from hotels, bars and restaurants, to manufacturers of counters, displays, fixtures and fittings – all at extremely competitive pricing.

Once you experience the quality of our spray finishing, you will quite certainly not choose to do business with others. We also can apply paint and fireproof your business premise in the form of spray finish. If your business needs the advantage of a spray finish, Alan Farr Ltd can help; we can schedule our spray finish in such a way that it does not interfere with your business whatsoever. Simply get in touch with us today by calling 0121 326 6253 or by emailing us using our online contact form.