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Change of Premises

As from the 2nd June 2014 we now operate out of                        Unit 4a Ash Park, Hyssop Close, Cannock,                   WS11 7XA, Tel: 01543 469946, After 34 years we have left Electric Avenue and have moved into larger premises due to our workload, it was a sad day for all as it is where Alan started in 1980 moving on from A Farr & Sons which his father started 40 years previous so we are now into a 3rd generation of a family business, there are many good memories from when we started to the present day, we would like to thank all our staff, all our clients who over the years have been very supportive and with us moving forward to a new future which is exciting for all involved.

A special thank you  to Janet Avery who has been with us for 27 years and has now retired , we wish her all the best for the future.

Please call or email any queries where we will still be able to help you with your requirements.



We are currently involved with the clean up down in Somerset with restoring peoples furniture, all items we can restore will be in our Cannock depot where they will dry out be repaired and restored then put into storage for when people return to their houses

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Furniture Restoration vs. Buying New – Which to Choose?

Sooner or later, homeowners are faced with the prospect of replacing their furniture; this can be a daunting and time-consuming project, both in terms of the options available and of the costs involved. If you are considering replacing your home’s furniture, the first thing you should decide is which option suits your needs best: buying new or restoring your existing furniture.
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Happy New Year and lets hope 2014 can be a good one for all, we have come back to be very busy again with the flooding down south west, we are down there at present organising removal of peoples furniture to dry out and get ready for restoration, we also have in our spray shop over 3000 lengths of timber to be fire proofed for a caravan park refurbishment we are involved with and look forward to completing for the end of January.

Many thanks to all our staff for their hard work in 2013 and let it continue in 2014

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How Our Spray Finishing Can Help Your Business

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We would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,  a special thank you to all our staff for all their hard work through out 2013 and we look forward to 2014 where we will be starting new projects for new clients.

Best Wishes,

Neil & Steven.

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Farrs at Kensington Palace

We are pleased to announce that we have been involved with carrying out works to the future Kings newly refurbished home at Kensington Palace, we have spray finished to a very high quality some of the furniture that will be in the new rooms that the Royals will be using once they move in. We look forward to carrying out more works in the future.



Due to the recent rainfall we are in Nottingham helping out people who have been flooded and removing their furniture to be restored, as always we responded promptly to minimize any further damage from any more rainfall we may get.

All items are in our storage depot where they will be dried out and then restored back to their former glory and stored until the customer is ready for return.

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We have now completed over 350 jobs since October which was the result of flooding through out the UK, we covered all Wales, Midlands, East Coast, Devon and Cornwall and all the effort throughout the company to achieve this has been fantastic and the positive feedback from the disaster companies we deal with has been overwhelming.

Well done everyone involved.